so you maybe asking yourself
"hey, lisa what's up with the stars"
and i will answer:
"well it's a long story, but here goes:"

as some of you may know the 
heart + soul logo happened
on a beautiful Sunday morning about 
4 years ago.

i drew it on the computer 
and after a lot, a lot of trial and error
i magically had the heart + soul logo.
but i've never, i mean never
been able to draw it again.

it has been a nightmare for my i.t. guy (hubby)
because it travels with a white space around it, 
making it impossible to use at times.
(too big it gets blurry), so we can only
work with it small.

so i've come up with the next best thing
my friends...
stars, stars, stars + more stars!!!

i love me some stars something fierce.
you may have picked up on
that from some of my designs
i.e. the original lullaby moon from 
about 3 or 4 years ago (pictured above).
with it's 3 star cut-out design.

so while i'm sad to say good-bye 
to the heart + soul logo,
i'm pretty, frigging' happy to
be seeing stars...

hope this answers your question